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About us

At Vectus Resources, we are dedicated to transforming waste into valuable resources. As a USA-based company, we specialize in recycling and international trade, offering a wide range of paper and plastic materials. With a global network and unwavering commitment to sustainability, we’re your trusted source for responsible and efficient trade solutions.

Join us in creating a greener, more circular economy.

We Deals In



  • Coated Paper Rolls/Sheets
  • Printing & Writing Paper Rolls/Sheets
  • Uncoated Paper Rolls
  • SBS/FBB Paper & Board
  • Kraft Paper Rolls
  • Printed Paper Rolls
  • Release Paper Rolls
  • Speciality Paper Rolls
  • Self Adhesive Paper Rolls
  • Scrap Paper Bales
  • Specialized Paper Rolls
  • Cores & Tubes
  • Pulp & Fiber



  • Plastic Film Rolls
  • Printed Unprinted Mix Loads
  • Unprinted LDPE FIlm rolls
  • Printed LDPE Film Rolls
  • LDPE/PA Film Rolls
  • Bales & Lumps
  • Regrinds & Shreddings  
  • Reprocessed Pellets and Granules
  • Overproduction Grades
  • Laminated Printed/ Unprinted Material
  • Rejected Grades 
  • Floor Sweeps
  • Production Waste 

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Exporter of Stocklot of
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We are USA Based Exporter of Stocklot of Coated Uncoated Paper, Stcoklot of Self Adhesive Paper, Leftover Stock of Print Unprint Plastic film rolls, Stocklot of All kind of paper & Plastic In mIx size & GSM


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